2019 is coming. I feel excited and nervous when thinking about 2019.

Let’s talk briefly about my 2018. I am a fresh graduate and feel uncertain about my future career path. I had a hard time and got stressed during job searching. I cried a lot and was overly anxious. I keep hating myself and blamed myself for everything bad happened. Now, I have just got a job as a broker for about a week. Well, it made me feel better a little bit. I know that I have to just start doing something and stop thinking too much. I will improve my knowledge, experience more, fix my bad habits and learn time management.

Here are my 2019 top targets:

Certification and knowledge:

  1. Passed CFA Level II (Exam date: June 15th, 2019)
  2. IELTS (Exam date: July 2019)
  3. Master Excel Skills
  4. Korean (Topik II: December 2019)


Experience, traveling,…

  1. The 1st short trip alone (1 day)
  2. Traveling to Thailand with BFFs
  3. Learning piano

First half year is really busy. So I need to manage time effectively because I have to focus on my study and also work full-time. I can’t continue wasting time like this. 4 years in university is the most regretful time of my life and I don’t want to repeat these same mistakes. I believe in the saying “Work hard, pay off” and I can complete all of these targets above in 2019.

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